Maintenance Services

"74% of resident turnover can be controlled by improving customer service particularly in maintenance areas"
The quality of service at a property is one of the top 3 reasons why tenants renew or leave a property It is 4 times more expensive to replace a tenant than it is to retain one.
- National Apartment Association Magazine

Keeping up the value of your investment requires attending to maintenance. That's why at Ashman Associates, we have developed services geared towards doing just that. Below are a few of the preventative maintenance packages available. If interested, please contact an agent by submitting a request or contacting your local office.

Yearly Preventative Services:
  1. Seasonal Gutter Cleaning
  2. Seasonal HVAC and major systems Inspection
  3. Quarterly Air Filter Replacement
  4. Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
Vacancy Period Services:
  1. Post Tenant and Pre Tenant Cleaning
  2. Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Cleaning
  3. Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  4. Rent preparation package or turnkey service.
Anytime Services:
  1. Upgrades
  2. Basement or other Renovations
  3. Property Appraisals
  4. Inspections
  5. Land Surveys
  6. Landscape Design and Lawn Maintenance

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